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Choosing a Financial Advisor

Things to consider...

Things to consider...

  • Is the financial advisor interested in YOU? Does she or he ask about you and your goals, listen to your answers, and take the time to know you as an individual?
  • Will you, not the financial advisor, decide your involvement? Some investors like to be very hands-on; others prefer to leave  the decision making to the advisor. Be sure your financial advisor offers options for your involvement.
  • Will your financial advisor be personally responsible for your portfolio? Does she or he personally invest your portfolio, or is there a separate team who has never met you making investment decisions? 
More things to consider...

More things to consider...

  • Will the financial advisor work with your attorney and/or tax professional? This answer is important, especially if you have a very detailed or complicated estate. These 3 professionals should be available to work together for you.
  • How does the financial advisor measure success? Are you tracking progress toward your goals or simply discussing performance?
  • What investments and services are offered? Does the firm only offer products they own? Are they licensed to represent all types of investments?
  • Is the financial advisor transparent on how they are paid? Do you know how much your investments are costing you each year?

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